Immerse in coastal elegance:
discover the allure of HOME Cliff, your dream place above the cliffs of Bingin.


Welcome to HOME Cliff, a unique and exclusive project of 5 apartments nestled in the breathtaking location of Bingin in Bali.

Our design revolves around two key principles: ensuring captivating sea views from every apartment and creating distinct individual spaces. To achieve this, each unit boasts a private and independent access. This 4-level complex features beautifully designed staircases that bring movement to the entrance facade.

Privacy and seaviews: distinctive elements of a premium living experience.

All of our flats embody the luxury of independent villas, with stunning sea views and top-notch security. Each unit has its own entrance, which guarantees maximum privacy. Furthermore, each viewpoint is designed to reduce visual interference between the different flats and allow you to enjoy the enchanting panorama.


The delicate shapes of a yacht docked on the cliff, ready to sail towards a new lifestyle journey.

We went beyond mere shapes and focused on capturing movement within the structure. The architecture mimics a sailing yacht gracefully navigating the ever-changing waters, taking on different forms like ripples, clouds, and waves depending on the viewing angle.

This fluid design captures the energy of the site, harmonizing with its surroundings through a dialogue of diverse elements. The interaction between internal apartment layouts, external factors, and shared spaces creates a seamless and harmonious form.





The apartments offer a range of sizes and distributions, catering to individual preferences. From the middle floor to the penthouse each unit exudes its own charm. The two ground-level apartments feature private front and sea gardens, enhancing the connection to nature. Furthermore, all units come with their own private swimming pools.


Alessandro Rudellat, A|R key studio design


900 sqm






Discover the beauty of Uluwatu district in Bali, with its wild cliffs and pristine natural beaches.

HOME Cliff is located in the southern part of Bali, Uluwatu, which is now considered the most famous and newly developing area of Bali.

Famous for its cliffs, surfing and nature approach to lifestyle, this district is well known for its beautiful beaches and colours, making it one of the best place in Bali and one of the most famous growing real estate markets.